Nicol - Brown Amateur Invitational

The 13th Nicol-Brown Amateur Invitational
Piping Competition

October 14, 1995
First Church of Christ Congregational
West Hartford, Connecticut

Judge: Robert Worrall

Overall Nicol-Brown Championship

  1. Paula Glendinning
    Prize: Airfare to compete at the B.C. Indoor in Vancouver in April 1996, donated by St. Patrick’s Pipe Band of Glastonbury, Connecticut.
  2. Ryan MacDonald
  3. Michael Rogers

Robert Nicol-Robert Brown Chalice for Piobaireachd

  1. Paula Glendinning (“The Desperate Battle”)
  2. Ryan MacDonald (“The Bicker”)
  3. Victoria McGuinness (“The MacGregors’ Salute”)
  4. Michael Rogers (“Lament for MacSwan of Roaig”)
  5. Chris Knife (“Clan Campbell’s Gathering”)

William Ross Challenge Targe MSR Competition

  1. Michael Rogers
    (“Arthur Bignold,” “John Roy Stewart,” “Broadford Bay”)
  2. Paula Glendinning
    (“Clan MacColl,” “Susan MacLeod,” “The Rejected Suitor”)
  3. Ryan MacDonald
    (“Inveran,” “Cabar Feidh,” “Sandy Cameron”)
  4. Jason Briscoe
    (“Colin Thompson,” “Atholl Cummers,” “Loch Carron”)
  5. Jeremy Freeman
    (“Lord Alexander Kennedy,” “Arniston Castle,” “The Smith of Chilliechassie”)

Donald MacLeod Memorial 6/8 Marches

  1. Paula Glendinning
    (“Old Adam” and “Slainte”)
    Prize: The Donald MacLeod Memorial Silver Buckle created by Brian Yates
  2. Ryan MacDonald
    (“Mrs. MacDougall” and “J.H. Muir”)
  3. Michael Rogers
    (“Redford Cottage” and “The Central Virginia Scottish Festival”)
  4. Jason Briscoe
    (“Duncan McGillivray, Chief Steward” and “The Bonawe Highlanders”)
  5. Victoria McGuinness
    (“Leaving Port Askaig” and “The Braemar Gathering”)

Dress and Deportment

  • Chris Knife
    Can anyone remember if there were two prizes for this in 1995?

1995 Competitors

  • Jason Briscoe (Aurora, Ontario)
  • Maureen Connor (Schenectady, New York)
  • Jeremy Freeman (Houston, Texas)
  • Paula Glendinning (Ashton, Maryland)
  • Chris Knife (Batesville, Arkansas)
  • Ryan MacDonald (Cape Breton, Nova Scotia)
  • Victoria McGuinness (Johnsonville, New York)
  • Drew McIntosh (Stoney Creek, Ontario)
  • Brian Meagher, Jr. (New York, New York)
  • Michael Rogers (Laurel, Maryland)