Nicol - Brown Amateur Invitational

The 17th Nicol-Brown Amateur Invitational
Piping Competition

October 9, 1999
United Methodist Church of Hartford
Hartford, Connecticut

Judge: Michael Cusack

Overall Nicol-Brown Championship

  1. Glenn Brown
    Prize: Airfare to compete in London in November 2000, donated by the New Hampshire Highland Games; and a practice chanter presented by Pettigrew Bagpipes and Celtic Fire, Ltd.
  2. Heather Scott

Robert Nicol-Robert Brown Chalice for Piobaireachd

  1. Maureen Connor (“The Marquis of Argyll’s Salute”)
    Prize: A scholarship for room, board and tuition for a week at an Invermark summer school in 2000.
  2. J. Decker Forrest (“The Park Piobaireachd” #2)
  3. Lynda Mackay (“The Massacre of Glencoe”)
  4. Heather Scott (“Clan Campbell’s Gathering”)
  5. Sebastian Launcelott (“Catherine’s Lament”)

William Ross Challenge Targe MSR Competition

  1. Glenn Brown
    (“Major Manson’s Farewell to Clachantrushal,” “Cabar Feidh,” “The Rejected Suitor”)
  2. Heather Scott
    (“Inveran” “Kirstie MacCallman’s Favourite,” “Sandy Cameron”)
  3. Lynda Mackay
    (“P/M William MacLean,” “Tulloch Castle,” “Sandy Cameron”)
  4. Brian May
    (“Mrs. John MacColl,” “Susan MacLeod,” “Lt. Col. D.J.S. Murray”)
  5. J. Decker Forrest
    (“Abercairney Highlanders,” “Caledonian Society of London,” “Mrs. MacPherson of Inveran”)

Donald MacLeod Memorial 6/8 Marches

  1. Glenn Brown
    (“Kenneth J. MacLeod,” and “John Gordon of Drummuie”)
    Prize: The Donald MacLeod Memorial Silver Buckle created by Brian Yates.
  2. Heather Scott
    (“Miss Ishabel T. MacDonald,” and “Mrs. Lily Christie”)
  3. Bill Weir
    (“Mrs. Lily Christie,” and “Dr. Ross’s 50th Welcome to the Argyllshire Gathering”)
  4. Andrew Douglas
    (“Duncan McGillivray, Chief Steward,” and “Bengullion” )
  5. Alex Galloway
    (“Angus MacKinnon,” “Dr. Ross’s 50th Welcome to the Argyllshire Gathering”)

Dress and Deportment

  1. Can someone fill in this blank?

    The prize was a $25 gift certificate from Celtic Fire, Ltd.

1999 Competitors

  • Andrea Boyd (Antigonish, Nova Scotia)
  • Glenn Brown (Milton, Ontario)
  • Maureen Connor (Schenectady, New York)
  • Andrew Douglas (Marietta, New York)
  • Alison Dunsire (Camano Island, Washington)
  • J. Decker Forrest (San Diego, California)
  • Alex Galloway (Burnaby, British Columbia)
  • E.J. Jones (Houston, Texas)
  • Sebastian Launcelott (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
  • Lynda Mackay (Hanover, Ontario)
  • Brian May (Brooklyn, New York)
  • Heather Scott (Norwood, Massachusetts)
  • Bill Weir (Albany, New York)